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 Wednesday, March 8, 2023

 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

 1 hour

You are invited to a virtual, interactive fireside chat with Dr. Nafeesa Jalal titled Success and Sacrifice: women making their mark in the workplace. Our distinguished speakers and trailblazers will share not only what inspires them in their day-to-day, but the pressures in the workplace and in society at large for the demands it puts on women. They will discuss the impact on mental health when working in atmospheres where equitable and accommodating policies are not prioritized, and where workplace cultures do not encourage women to be successful in their careers. Most women live multi-faceted lives and hold numerous roles in both professional and personal spaces. Join us in discussing the importance of women achieving great heights in their chosen professions, without sacrificing one’s self and one’s family.

Dr. Nafeesa Jalal 2 (2)

Dr. Nafeesa Jalal

Founder & CEO, NJGC Inc.

Jackie Delfosse 3

Jacqueline Delfosse

Senior Consultant, Workplace Learning, TELUS Health