Maximum positive impact comes from data-driven mental health strategies


What does severe stress or burnout look like?

You might be able to recognize the signs in a friend or loved one, but identifying mental health issues in your workforce can be challenging. Without concrete, clear data, it’s impossible to know how widespread mental health issues are and whether or not your current interventions are working.

To generate meaningful change in your organization, you need to have mental health data in your hands with detailed insights that tell you what’s really happening in your workforce.

Removing the guesswork from employee mental health support

The data on mental health issues is clear. According to LifeWorks’ Mental Health Index, in June 2022 close to 1 in 4 individuals reported having problems sleeping, were unable to relax and experiencing emotional changes as a result of stress.

While these factors can have a significant impact on employee mental health and wellbeing, they’re not easy for people leaders to spot. In fact, 53% of managers reported finding it difficult to identify staff who are struggling with their mental health.

Most mental health issues are highly personal, private changes that most managers miss. To add to this challenge, many individuals report being reluctant to talk to their managers and colleagues about their mental health. The June 2022 LifeWorks Mental Health Index revealed that nearly one-third of employees do not feel comfortable talking openly about their mental health at work and this group has the lowest mental health score overall.

No employer wants to be in the dark about what their employees are feeling and thinking - but without mental health data it’s hard to know what is really happening in your organization. The good news is, it’s now possible to gain clear, comprehensive insights into employee mental health.

Using mental health data for change in your organization

While it can be difficult to identify and address mental health issues in the workplace, research has demonstrated that people leaders who are able to take an active role in the mental health of their workforce can be instrumental in improving outcomes, especially in times of crisis and change.

With recent transformational events including the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes that followed, it’s never been more critical to have insights into the mental health of your organization.

That’s why LifeWorks Total Mental Health has been designed with mental health data at its core. Using innovative digital tools, LifeWorks Total Mental Health assesses individuals’ mental health every step of the way, delivering unprecedented insights into employee mental health with real-time tracking and reporting. With a dedicated on-demand insights hub, LifeWorks Total Mental Health equips your organization with the information it needs to make evidence-based decisions from real data.

Organizations can now access company-wide trends, progress, risks and opportunities – all of which inform both bigger strategic conversations and day-to-day incremental changes that will make the greatest positive impact for the organization and its people.

With LifeWorks Total Mental Health, you can unlock workplace change through mental health product data and remove the guesswork from employee mental health for good.


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