Total support: Why a comprehensive mental health solution is essential for your organization


Right now in your organization, one employee is experiencing burnout. Another employee is dealing with the loss of a family member. A third is battling substance abuse.

These are all complex, yet different, mental health issues that can affect anyone in your workforce - but most organizations lack the tools to help their employees deal with them.

To truly make a positive difference to employee mental health and wellbeing, you need a solution that recognizes the wide range of individual and specific mental health problems your employees are facing and the barriers preventing them from accessing the support they need.

Current barriers to mental health support in your workforce

It’s clear that digital technology offers huge potential for improving the quality and scope of mental health care in organizations. But employee uptake of digital mental health interventions varies widely and is often limited.

According to the June 2022 LifeWorks Mental Health Index, employees under the age of 40 are 80% more likely than those older than 50 to report lack of support as their primary source of work stress. Despite being digitally savvy, this demographic does not feel like they are receiving adequate support from their employers.

Research from Harvard Medical School demonstrates that one of the most significant factors limiting the uptake of digital mental health solutions is the lack of opportunities for customization. A 2020 review also found that common barriers included lack of personalization in many digital interventions and the issue of severe mental health problems impacting individual engagement.

On the flip side, common factors shown to facilitate and improve engagement with digital mental health solutions included opportunities for individuals to gain insights into their personal health and tools to help people feel empowered and in control of their health at every step. As well as giving individuals more agency and autonomy, the most successful solutions also generated a feeling of social connectedness.

According to research, these factors all significantly impact individuals’ ability and willingness to access digital mental health interventions. Finding a mental health solution that addresses and removes these barriers is critical to generating meaningful, positive change in your organization.

Finding meaningful, effective solutions for employee mental health

User engagement is essential to the success of any digital mental health solution. But research has shown that in order for long-term interventions to be effective, individuals need to do more than just download an app on their phone.

To engage and empower employees to manage increasingly complex mental health issues, digital health interventions need to be customizable, personalized and provide a feeling of social connectedness.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to employee mental health and so it is critical for organizations to provide access to holistic, individualized mental health solutions across the board.

LifeWorks Total Mental Health recognizes an essential need for personalized, specialist mental health solutions that are targeted at addressing the complex mental health problems becoming increasingly pervasive in every workforce. With an integrated approach that combines digital tools with human touch, LifeWorks Total Mental Health optimizes mental health care for individuals and maximizes engagement.

Providing access to the world’s largest counselor network, LifeWorks offers employees highly personalized digital mental health care with a human touch. From the first interaction, the experience is personalized. Members will be able to:

  • complete a clinical assessment to understand their specific mental health requirements
  • receive a personal care plan tailored to their complex and multi-layered needs
  • select therapists based on a number of factors that matter most to them, including availability, type of therapy options available, lived experience and shared cultural heritage, and more
  • the type of therapy they would like to have for each session – phone, video, chat, in-person
  • work with a Care Navigator to determine best digital tools and resources to reinforce therapy, as well as connect them with additional support available through their benefits.

LifeWorks Total Mental Health engages individuals on an emotional level via human connections that include regular one-to-one counseling sessions and a dedicated Care Navigator. Innovative digital tools reinforce gains by providing detailed insights into individual mental health, allowing employees to track and monitor their own progress at every step and provide incentive for engagement.

Total Mental Health means viewing every individual as a whole person with a complex personal history and evolving mental health needs. It means providing them with the personalized support that addresses their unique requirements from day one to make a meaningful, positive difference in their lives.


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