Leave no one behind: A total approach to workplace mental health

Without question, there has never been a greater need for attention to and prioritization of mental health. More people need support, and organizations worldwide are making employee mental health a strategic imperative to the overall health and success of their business. So, how do workplace mental health solutions need to evolve to meet the increasing needs of diverse workforces?

In this video you will hear from Stéphane Grenier, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired), Canadian Armed Forces and Mental Health Innovator. You will see how his 20 years of experience in workplace mental health and multiple deployments in and out of war zones over the course of his 30-year military career, has helped him gain a unique perspective on what works to improve mental health outcomes. It comes down to focusing on an organization’s greatest – yet largest untapped - asset: PEOPLE.

You will also hear from Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research and Total Wellbeing, who will share how LifeWorks is changing the way mental health care is delivered to respond to new realities and challenges.

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