AbilitiCBT is a therapist-guided virtual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program, accessible from any device, any time.

We make getting support easy. No waitlists. No travel. Just access to effective, therapist-assisted programs through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

24/7 real-time solution

Quick access to meaningful support on any device

North American network

25,000+ providers; go beyond geographical constraints

Multi-device accessibility

Access via smartphone, tablet, or computer


1/3 of the cost of traditional therapy, but just as effective

Proven positive results for your business

Not only does AbilitiCBT support better outcomes for individuals, it also has proven data showing incredible return on investment for organizations.

1.6 - 3.8

ROI range


Days of absence prevented


Days of presenteeism avoided


Days of STD reduced


Reduction in STD rates


Days of increased productivity

* Average salary of $65k and AbilitiCBT standard case rate. Based on LifeWorks client data, completion of three or more modules, and clinically validated industry research and conservative access to AbilitiCBT.

Effective and easy to use by your people

CBT is one of the most effective forms of therapy – it works by helping people understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so they can make lasting, positive changes. AbilitiCBT works the same way, but virtually, and has been proven to be just as effective as traditional therapy.


reduction in depression


reduction in anxiety


of users say AbilitiCBT helps them progress towards their goals

Tailored Programs

Social Anxiety
Pain Management
Grief and Loss
Anxiety & Depression
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Trauma Support
Burnout for healthcare workers


Would recommend AbilitiCBT to others

“It changes lives. The most helpful thing I’ve ever done for myself.”


“I’m passionate about programs that offer concrete steps to wellness. This is one of them.”


“Anxiety presents itself in uncomfortable ways and can be triggered by these unprecedented times. I’m so thankful for AbilitiCBT as it’s helped me manage my anxiety.”


What makes us different

Scale and scope: over 25,000 providers which no other iCBT solution can match.

24x7x365 Crisis Support: Only a click away and available immediately after registration, providing access to those who require immediate help.

Turning insight into action: reporting analytics that we can produce far exceed what is available with traditional iCBT solutions

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