EMEA Workplace Learning Series.

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Tuesday, October 10 | 1:30pm BST | 2:30 pm CEST

Duration: 1 hour

Making a case for kindness: embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. 

Neurodiversity is all about celebrating the different ways our brains function and seeing these differences as part of what makes us unique. Neurodivergent people with conditions such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia, often face challenges in traditional work settings, yet they bring invaluable skills and perspectives.

This October, TELUS Health is hosting a live webinar ‘Making a case for kindness: embracing neurodiversity in the workplace’. You will gain invaluable insights from experts who will help you better understand neurodiversity, identify the benefits, challenges and myths associated with neurodivergent individuals and provide practical tips on creating an inclusive workplace that accommodates all employees.

Meet your speakers:

  • Patricia van Casteren, Director Clinical Innovation, TELUS Health (formerly Ascender)
  • Sarah Hunter, Senior Director Care Access Centre Operations & Clinical Services, UK & Ireland, TELUS Health

For World Mental Health Day, let’s celebrate uniqueness and explore the positive impact of neurodiversity in the workplace.

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